The scariest horror story you will ever read

“A lone man confronts his personal demons in an urban myth made real. Dezza is a gritty hard-nosed salvager in a harsh World. Forced to confront an urban myth made real, he finds himself pitched into a nightmare aboard a floating derelict in deep uncharted space, and in the process loses his friends, his livelihood and his reputation. Upon return to civilisation he struggles to come to terms with society’s prejudices and the demons that lurk within his own mind, plaguing him with the memories of his mistakes. Crawling inside the bottom of a bottle, he is eventually thrown a lifeline by the one person who might believe him, on the condition he returns to the derelict. He is offered the chance of redemption, and to confront those personal demons, but in the process he will have to go back and face the horrors that took his whole world from him.”

‘Bringing home the Stars’ available from DS Press.

Finally got the little git of a book into print. Phew!