Car surgery and a glimpse of the Queen.

Yesterday my car got hit from behind whilst waiting at a roundabout. It was a fair old jolt, but visually the only clue is that the towbar looks wonky. I’ve had it checked over today though, and the news is terminal for the towbar. It has twisted at the mountings, and has come within a few microns of distorting the boot floor of the car. Luckily it hasn’t quite caused any further serious damage as far as the guy at the towbar place reckoned. For a somewhat minor looking bend, the bill will be £254.15. Ouch! I’m glad that I won’t be the one paying for that!

On the way out of the towbar centre, we were stopped behind a Police roadblock at another roundabout. It turns out that the Queen and Prince Phillip were visiting the Warburtons bakery in Bolton. It’s the first time that I’ve seen them in the flesh, so to speak. Quite close up too – their cavalade passed by within a couple of feet of us. Now there’s a front row seat!