What’s through the square window today?

The webmaster has been fiddling with how the blog looks after a few comments about it being a little harsh on the eye when being read. Unfortunately there are a few teething troubles, and at the moment the text looks too close to the edge on my PC (though it looked fine, strangely enough, when viewed on the Apple Mac). So rest assured, tinkering will get it right in the end. Probably.

In other news, the day job is getting a little shaky. The amount of work through the agent has declined considerably, and here I am on what I was expecting to be the busiest week so far, and I’ve done nothing. Easter weekend is upon us, and quite frankly I’m worried because I’m sat at home not working. At least, not working on anything that gets me paid much. It is a nightmare, and I’m sure that there are many people in the same position.

On the good news front, I’m through to the second round of interviews for the job I went to an interview/assessment on on Tuesday. On the day I found out that there had been something astronomical like 25,000 applicants, of which less than 100 were called for interview (of which I was one). I’m guessing that I must be down to the last couple of dozen now, maybe less. I’m not sure how many positions there are available, but I’m guessing off what I heard on the day maybe ten at most? Fingers crossed.

I finally grew tired of waiting for the agent to get back to me over ‘Bringing home the stars’. He promised two weeks, and now it is closer to eight or even ten with no replies even though I sent a couple of email follow-ups and a message to his LJ account. I know he has been online, given his LJ got updated, but still no reply. Well, I’m not waiting indefinately, because I believe this book to be a potential million seller, so I’ve started sending to other agents.

‘Orb of Arawaan’ has slipped a little on schedule. I’ve got maybe 10% done, but it stalled there. I’d like to say that it is because of lack of time, but it isn’t. I seem to have been unusually tired over the last few days, and have spent most of my time asleep. I really am not sure what the cause is, but if it continues I’ll have to see my Doctor about it, because time is too precious to waste on excessive sleep.