After the wedding the work continues.

So this is what married life feels like. In the most it isn’t really that much different, but on the other hand it seems that there is a deeper unexplainable bond between myself and my new wife (it was a civil partnership in case anyone is confused). This bond is probably borne out of the deeper l;evel of commitment for each other that we have shown publically. Indeed, we have even started making arrangements to get rid of duplicate books that we own – now that is commitment to each other to give away copies of Terry Pratchett books that we have owned from University.

With the wedding over (and what an amazing wedding that was!) my thoughts are slowly returning back to writing. I have started work this morning on the editting of ‘Orb of Arawaan’ ready for a better revised edition. It also will serve the purpose of refamiliarising me with the plot , story and charectors ready for writing the long awaited sequel.

I have also begun jotting down other ideas. One of these is another horror book set in a housing estate. It comes from a very surreal and creepy dream that I had last night. The dream was so vivid that if I had been a child I would have described it as a ‘mightmare’. I think that means it should tick all the boxes for horror. Unlike ‘Bringing home the stars’ it will be pure horror and not have a sci-fi theme to it. I need to keep developing the idea on paper and in my head though to get enough of a vivid idea that I can sit down and write something from it. Like ‘Bringing home the stars’ though, I may be tempted initially to try it as a short story and see how well it goes. Possible a radio dram too?

On the subject of radio dramas, the awards ceremony is coming up the weekend after next. I’m looking forward to it, as it is a chance to wear another posh frock (I do hope it fits; I’ve been hitting the food of the good life over the wedding weekend rather a lot). I still have fingers and toes crossed for whether I might be in the running.

And finally, we bought a Wii fit yesterday. We were so incredably lucky to get one. As those in the know know, these things are still like golddust. Some people have even bought them second hand for more than double the rrp. We popped into Argos in Manchester on the off chance. They must have just received stock, because when we checked their computer terminal, it listed two available. By the time we were paying, that had dropped to just one, and I suspect that there were several very disappointed people in the queue behind us. I can’t believe just how fortunate we were. Even the guy who served us said that we were lucky getting the last one. Zoë has now found the skiing game, and I have a feeling I’m going to quickly become a Wii fit widow as she will never be off the damn thing!