Wedding stresses

I apologise for not writing much here at the moment. The wedding, with less than a week still to go to it, is soaking up all my time. Not to mention trying desperately to hold down a job with unpredictable hours. It all makes for a very stressed out Jenny. I’m told that this stressfulness is normal this close to a wedding, but that comment does not help me much. Still, I’m sure I’ll feel much better on the day; I still have to write that speech I’m giving though. Bah!

On the writing front, two more short stories have appeared in print in a magazine. I’m doing quite well on that tally. I still haven’t heard back from the agent though; I guess he is quite busy too. I’ll give him to the end of the week then see whether he has had a chance to have a look at it by then. Fingers crossed.

I’m coming across more and more people who have read or are reading my books. That’s quite an ego-swelling feeling. I’m not sure yet which of the six in-print books are coming out tops, but for some reason ‘Syndicate Dawn’ seems to be mentioned quite a few times. Also the short ebook of ‘Bringing home the stars’ (the short story version) seems to be prooving very popular – all the more ammunition to convince an agent to take it on! Until after the wedding though, don’t expect knew material from me; there simply isn’t time and I am stressed like an elastic band at full stretch. Bah!