On progress and procrastination.

This last week has been the busiest since the week before Christmas. Why? Because I worked nearly 70 hours over six days. Phew! So it means that I’ve had very little time for anything else. Well, it is a good excuse – there can’t be too many people pulling those kind of hours in a week and still achieving a hell of a lot besides. I did manage around 4,000 words of writing, but clearly my progress has been slow.

I am a little ashamed to admit that despite having sent off the first part of ‘Bringing home the stars’ to the agent, it still isn’t actually finished. *hangs head in shame* It just keeps on growing, and although there is an end in very near sight, I just haven’t quite got there yet. I’ve been doing a little writing this morning, but there’s still a couple more bits to do. In the paraphrased slogan of the old and useless British Rail: I’m getting there.

Today is another day to be sacrificed to the wedding. It’s hair consultation day, and to be honest I’m not the kind of girl who enjoys all things hairdressers at the best of times. So I’m not really looking forward to today. Still, it has to be done I suppose. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be allowed a day to myself to get back to pottering through the writing?

I’m already thinking over the next project. It will be a relatively simple edit of ‘Orb of Arawaan’ to refresh my memory of characters and plot before I launch into writing the long awaited sequel. I’ve been thinking of titles, but I actually am struggling. I need something that says: ‘Fantasy fiction’ but doesn’t scream it too loud. Still, I’ve got around 120,000 words to come up with one, so no particular hurry.

I hear a scraping noise. That must be my nose going off to be pressed back to the grindstone.