On writing, websites, and dodgy photos that you really should not have shown people.

This month has been rather good on the publishing tally. I’ve got three short stories in print, which fills me with a smug sense of satisfaction. That means that there should now be three more short stories which come next month are freed up for going on the Portfolio section of the website.

The plan is to do these one at a time, to intermingle with the serialisation of ‘The long summer of war’ as I wouldn’t want to overwhelm the site with just one long story. At the same time hopefully there will be a contact section on its way that my web designer has been working on. There’s no guarentees that I’ll have time to answer all messages sent, but it at least means people are faced with potentially a way to actually contact me. I’m also hoping that a Media section will go up too, especially as I’m in the running for an award for the radio drama I wrote and performed.

There will be a spruce of photographs. There are a lot that were taken during the practice runs and recording of the radio drama, and they may well find their way up. At the same time, there are a couple of photos to remove from the ‘Privatus’ section, because sometimes a girl can show a little bit too much stocking top. At any rate, I want a reputation as a writer, not a striptease. Still they were from a fun photoshoot, and some were used on other sites.

It’s late, I’m tired and I want to go home. I’m nearly at 70,000 words for the book, with an end in sight, but there’s only long a person can write at one sitting before they probably become incoherent.