Keep on rocking me baby

It’s the little things in life that make you feel all glowing inside when they happen. Today’s little moments started when I discovered a packet of sweets for sale that I haven’t seen in years. Back then they were Trebor Softfruits which were a fruity version of the softmints. Today I saw them, rebranded as Bassets Softfruits. I bought a pack and despite seeming a little smaller (have they really shrunk or are all memories of childhood sweets such that they appear bigger in your mind’s eye?) they were just as good.

Another little moment that somehow makes me feel smug in myself is paying with exact change. There’s something good about getting rid of shrapnel, and especially if it involves a lot of low denomination coppers. The more the better. Today’s amount was £1.74 in the local Butchers for two large home made Black puddings. I like black pudding.

Whilst playing the board game Carcasonne with Zoë I realised that my OCD’s manifestations are often worse than I give them credit for. It’s something I’ve always been prone to, and was made a massive amount worse by the bullying and harassment I was forced to endure a number of years ago at a worthless organisation I had the misfortune to work for. Whilst setting out the pieces I realised that I hate the colour red. Now, I’ll wear pink – to my mind that’s a different colour. Actually, I like pink. But red I don’t like. I actually found that I refused to use the red pieces, and casting my mind back I realised that I have always avoided using things that are red if alternative coloured similar things are also available*.

I passed 50,000 words last night. I’m on target for a readable draft by the end of the month. Go me. I think I shall celebrate by playing the Wii cheerleading game that I bought yesterday. A part of me is almost ashamed that I would love to do cheerleading again. I’m unfortunately getting a bit old for it now (all the cheerleaders I used to hang out with were in their late teens and early twenties at most) and my joints protest at the splits and star jumps. To be honest, it is probably quite tragic to see me dressed like a cheerleader in my own front room bouncing around like a loon. Well, no-one sees me apart from the postman.

*I see maroon, burgundy and wine as different colours from plain red, hence why you may notice me doing similar coloured things.

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