It’s been a busy week; too busy.

Doesn’t time go by quickly? Well, of course it does when your ‘day’ job commanded 75 hours of your time last week, not including commuting. Add to that a day and a night spent in South Wales to attend a funeral, and you have a recipe for Jenny not having written an awful lot indeed! Last night was my first night ‘off’ for over seven days, and forgive me if I flaked out and slept for around ten hours instead. In the run up to Christmas I suspect there will be more weeks like this I am afraid.

The anthology is on hold now, and what little work I’ve been doing has been on the new sci-fi/horror book. It’s going all right, and even if I don’t have much time to do the tappety-tappety keyboard thing, I am getting all the plot sorted out in my head, so that’s all right.

We’ve been talking a lot of late about house buying of late at Jenny towers. With house prices crashing we want to pick our time to buy well. We have the advantage of being able to pay a lot in cash from savings (house prices have been greedily overpriced for too long, so we saved instead) and if we buy at a repossession auction we’ll only need a small mortgage. Of course, as neither of us is salaried, but instead works freelance, that makes getting a mortgage quite hard. Still, we aren’t likely to be doing anything until the Summer as prices continue to crash and burn, so there’s time yet.

Today is mostly going to be spent catching up on houshold stuff that has been neglected whilst I’ve been working mammoth hours. Zoë may keep up with all the washing up (which is much appreciated) but I have never seen her weild the vacuum cleaner yet in over three years. She also uses a ‘first available surface’ system of filing which means there is also a lot of tidying up that she seems blind to! Oh, but I love her anyway!

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