A change of direction for the moment.

I’ve decided to temporarily push back the date of release of the anthology. The reason for this is the new piece I’m working on that I’ve mentioned in recent posts. The anthology was diverting some of my time, of which I don’t seem to have an awful lot.

The plan is to get a finished manuscript together by February time next year at the latest so as to be able to go back to the agent I approached and show him new work that is slicker, better, more grabbing and takes on board points that he raised. It is doable. The hardest part is making sure I write every day and keep writing.

So a big sorry to those people who may have been waiting for some of the previously unpublished stories that were going to be in the anthology. It should appear later on next year, but I really want to give over all my time at the moment to this new project.

4 thoughts on “A change of direction for the moment.

  1. Has someone turned out the lights? Your blog text is very faint and difficult to read. I have to be very close to the monitor or highlight it.

  2. The styling got changed, and for some reason, I am told, despite the background image being set to tesselate in the html code, it isn’t. So the text appears against a dark background instead of the proper image. The web-type person is looking into why this is the case.

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