Radio drama part 2

I’m sat here listening to the hot-off-the-press proofing copy of the radio drama recording of ‘Bringing home the stars’. It sounds okay to me, though it is never the best thing listening to the sound of your own voice echoing in headphones. Hopefully it will go down well. Fingers crossed.

I’ve restarted work on ‘The stars came home’ which is a continuation of the story with the intention of expanding it into a full book. I had done a little a while a go, not long after I wrote the original, but it lacked the energy of the original. Well, after taking on board the comments of the agent yesterday, I’ve decided that this story is the goldmine one. It has a beginning that gets straight into the action, and was written in a far slicker style than usual for me. You know when inspiration just strikes? Well, that’s kind of like how it felt at the time I wrote it.

Last night I discussed the continuation of the plot with Zoë. I did this originally, and talking it all the way through over an hour certainly helped the short story and the writing process a lot. This has helped a lot with the new story, and I’m now all fired up to write it. We’ll see just how well it goes, but I need to motivate myself to churn out a reasonable writing output every day.

On an unrelated note, this has to be the coldest day of the year so far. It is freezing here, and whilst it was all day, the temperature is dropping fast tonight. Even with a big jumper on and lots of extra underwear, I’m still freezing!