A good way to write in the morning.

The last post kind of got ahead of itself. What started out as a bit of filler in the blog ended up as a short piece that I rather like. So I’ve taken the unusual move of cutting and pasting it out into a *.doc file and have run it through the spelling and grammer checker. It makes quite a nice short story. Indeed, there was a competition recently in a magazine that I read to do just that and write a story about the view from the window where your computer sits.

Sometimes it is strange how inspiration strikes. Normally I just don’t write stuff that isn’t sci-fi or fantasy, but I have noticed that writing in a blog can be different. It frees your mind a little from the constraints that might otherwise be there when you are sat in front of a word processing programme and in a novel writing frame of mind.

It makes a good point that maybe a good method to writing short stories is to write them as blog entries and edit them later? How many of my blog posts of headed off at a tangent into the realms of fiction?