Finally finished the long summer of war.

At last! I have finally finished ‘The long summer of war’. It has begun to drag for me a little bit these last couple of weeks. I had meant to get it done sooner, but a sudden increase in other workloads have meant that I haven’t had the time that I wanted. Still, it’s done now, and I’m so glad!

I’m off for a walk into town today with Zoë, and no doubt we will discuss ideas for other stories. We’ve already been busy discussing ideas for ‘The Life of Nob T. Mouse’ scripts. There will be a new one going up today which I was heavily involved in! Don’t forget to follow the link on the left hand side, half way down on the nobmouse site to go and vote for the comic.

I’ve been cursed with the first of the winter colds today. It started in the early hours of this morning, and follows on from niggling little ailments that weren’t a full-blown cold. I have a sore throat that feels like I’ve been giving favours to an acetylene lamp. It isn’t pleasent. I can also feel me head start to feel like it has been stuffed with cotton wool then strategically kicked. I only hope that I can get through this cold and feel a lot better sooner rather than later; I hate lingering illnesses.