More undemocratic meddling behind our backs and without mandate.

The writing is going well, and I’m well under way on the NaNoWriMo thing (Gosh! That’s hard to type at speed!). I’m doing it in the form of short stories for this anthology, so there won’t actually be any one story of 50,000 words but rather several of varying lengths. Once I’ve finished the one I’m on I have a couple of other ideas, and we’ll see where they go to. I’m also going to write an introduction for the anthology too.

Today on the radio I heard that the unaccountable and out of touch ibeciles in Europe have tried again to sell us out and ban working longer than 48 hours. I, like a lot of other people, resent being told by idiots riding the gravy train at taxpayers’ expense that I shouldn’t work more than 48 hours. Well, I actually like working long hours, and I also like the money it brings. It seems they are determined to stamp all over businesses and workers and shaft the poor and the hardworking. I really do resent this. The sooner we have the referendum that will inevitably provide the mandate to withdraw from this European Federal nonesense, the better. It is interesting to note that only politicians like this gravy train – the citizens of most, if not all European countries resent this rubbish too, for the same reasons that we do.

So much for a common market. The electorate in the 1970s were lied to and deceived. There is no mandate for what is going on. Moreover, most people who are alive today were not alive or inellegable to vote at the time. The sooner we have the referendum to end the expensive gravy train and destruction of the European nations, the better.