Little Jenny Wren.

It’s been a rather pleasent surprise this morning. The post came early. Actually, whilst that was a surprise, it wasn’t the surprise. The post brought a copy of a magazine in which I discovered ‘Bringing Home the Stars’ in print, unabridged and forming nearly a quarter of the entire magazine. I had sent it originally saying it was unfortunately far longer than their usual submissions of a couple of thousand words. They had asked for something of a horror nature, and I thought there was a small chance that they might abridge it or serialise it. Instead they were impressed enough, it seems, to print it in its entirety!

It’s day one of NaNoWriMo, and I’ve written approximately zero words so far. Well, plenty of time yet, but I must get into the habit. Work has picked up at the moment, so I might be rather pushed on time. We’ll just play (or should that be ‘write’?) it by ear.

Today is the Jenny Towers annual fancy dress Halloween party. We’ve been doing this for about four years now. The theme is fancy dress, but not necesserilly Hallowwen. Consequently in previous years I’ve come as a burlesque dancer, naughty schoolgirl and The Demon Drink. This year I may have secured a WRNS ratings uniform, and subject to the large box of old uniforms in the stores I am visiting this afternoon providing something serviceable that fits, I may just pull this off. Sexy Jenny Wren! I’m hopeful they can find a cap – which we affectionately refered to as ‘lids’ in my time in the cadets – that fits. I have a big head, and in cadets many years ago they had great difficulty in finding one that fitted.

I’m sure I had something else meaningful to say. I was thinking about it both yesterday and the day before. But it’s gone now. I’m sure I might remember in time for the next blog entry.