Prodding the world in a bemused sort of way.

People amuse me, especially those who think they are in a position of power but really aren’t. It’s quite fun demolishing these people. Get them flustered and they just end up making a baffoon of themselves. From traffic wardens to low level civil servants, the country is full of people trying to pull the big “I Am” and failing. Still, I love the smell of burning ego in the morning.

Three stories just got accepted today! That came as a pleasent surprise to find that in my inbox. Remember the trucking story and the one based on my time at commercial radio? Well, they just got accepted along with my second attempt at sub 500 word flash fiction. There might also be an option to serialise a longer story over several months’ worth of one magazine. It makes this year a very good year so far.

The mould problem seems sorted. Remember children: never dry clothes indoors as they make your house go green. Actually, I think the weather has much to do with it, as when I mentioned the mould problem with friends at least three other people mentioned they were finding similar this year. It must be a humidity thing.

Hasn’t the weather been a change around? Summer has arrived late to the party as always. I went with my work today up to Penrith in Cumbria. I even had the air conditioning on (is that the sound of environmentalists sharpening their swords?). Yesterday was pretty nice too. It gave me a few ideas for the new book as the countryside up around that area is gorgeous.

As I write this, an ice cream van has just pulled up outside taunting my diet with its bell. I would normally say: “September?! How ludicrous!” but then, the weather is actually more like Summer than Summer was. Will the real Summer please step forward and reveal themselves?

And finally: Zoë finished her law exam today, and I got a lovely relieved phone call from her. Hopefully she will not be so much of a stress bunny now. In celebration I’m taking her out for a lovely meal.