Second Life book reading of "Bringing home the stars".

I’ve been asked about doing a reading of my work online. This is now arranged for some time on this coming Sunday, in the evening (GMT/BST). Time will be confirmed later on this week. It will be held in the online community ‘Second Life’ but the details are being handled by some-one else so I will post everything as soon as I know.

I had a choice of two things that immediately sprang to mind as suitable. One was to read part one of ‘Daytrippers’ and the other was to read my short story ‘Bringing home the stars’. In the end I’ve been persuaded to read the latter as I’ve been told that something unavailable elsewhere might be good for interesting more people to attend. So the World premier of this piece it will be!

It will be the first time I’ve done a book reading of my work before. I’ve done a book signing (which was weird; very weird) before but that’s about it. I’m going to spend some time this week familiarising myself with the text of the piece. It’s around 11,500 words long, so it is shorter than part one of ‘Daytrippers’. I’m told that readings usually aim for about an hour in leagnth, so I’ll need to bare this in mind when I do my practice read-throughs.

Now, I used to work on radio as a presenter and a producer, so it can’t be too bad. Because this will be being done in an online virtual World, I suspect that the end result will be that it will feel no different from when I used to pre-record stuff at home. I’ve also been asked to record the reading and make it available as a podcast through the website for those newfangled ipod things.

Is this going up in the World? As long as I don’t make an idiot of myself then I’ll be happy; I’m an easy girl to please at times.