A little change goes a long way

There’s been a few little things on the website that have been a filler from when pages were put up that until now I haven’t got around to sorting out. One of these was the biography page. I was supposed to provide a sample to the web designer building the site, but missed the deadline so she just rote in the 1,000 ninjas thing for a joke. However as some jokes do, this one stuck for a little longer than expected. Actually I like the little tale of the ninjas. But a real Biography was needed. So as of today, there is a new Biography page that leads off the original ninjas one which I decided was too good to delete! There are some new pictures on here, which as opposed to the ones on the photography pages are more relaxed ones taken at home, events, and caught off guard in the net-model photoshoot. I rather like them.

Other changes have happened, and I’ve talked about the new short story in the Portfolio section in another specific post. There have also been changes on the Photo albums as there was one picture I hated, so have replaced, and added two more. They’re still going to raise an eyebrow, but hey! I have an interesting sideline as a model so bite me.

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