A third, a third and a third makes a lot of books.

I’m having a great time going through books and DVDs. It’s actually amazing how many books the average person buys and never gets around to reading. Is it a little scary for me to admit that I estimate nearly a third of all books I have bought I have not even tried to read? I would also say that a further third of the books I have bought have turned out to be utter crap that I could not get into so have also not been read beyond, at most, the first couple of chapters. Given that I do own thousands of books, that means that there is a huge number of books that are just taking up shelf space and that I have little or no idea about what is contained within them.

So I’ve been investigating some of these ignored third. So far I’ve tried to read “Dancers at the end of time” by Michael Moorcock. I have to admit it isn’t gripping me, despite my having been very impressed by his book “Behold the man”. It just goes to show that even the greatest author’s might have ‘off’ days. I also started reading “Jem” by Frederik Pohl. Now this is a book with more promise. I’m also looking forward to delving in to a trio of unread Philip K. Dick books. Though, going off previous experience, one will be great, one will be okay and one will be unreadable on average. Still, one out of three isn’t too bad, and hey, I might get lucky and get three good ones.

On the DVD front I’ve been watching the A-team just for a little escapism. It provides almost no inspiration to my creativity, but I like it. I do want to see what sci-fi and fantasy films I can go through from our vast collection. Maybe over the next few days I’ll find a few. Also other genres can provide some very interesting stuff with good dialogue and the like which I also find good to watch.

I’ve had a rearrangement of furniture upstairs in our house. The comfy chair (nothing to do with the Spanish Inquisition!) has been moved from my office into our bedroom. This means that my office is huge again with a lot of open carpetted area. I rather like it. I’m thinking of getting something like a bean bag, perhaps, to go in the middle and provide me a ‘thinking chair’.

And finally, our little cat finally ventured into the back garden almost all the way to the gate for the first time today. She has been a house only cat since being a kitten (not my idea) and is the bossiest cat there is within the confines of the house. However she is a scardy cat when it comes to anything a little different. However, it is a good sign that she is becomming more comfortable with the idea that there is something beyond the front and back door. Hopefully in time she can be introduced to the outside World on a more regular basis.