Of progress and the boom/bust cycle of creativity.

Today is a rare thing these days: a day off! I cannot believe just how quickly time marches on. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been all that much in the way of writing. You see, writing, like the economy, has its own boom and bust cycle. I’ve always found it this way. As far back as I can remember, there have been periods of my life of intense creative productivity, and periods where very little at all happens on my computer other than reading the internet (and there’s a lot of it to read!)

This year, all things considered, has been very productive so far. I’ve had around seven months of intense creativity culminating in: one book written from start to finish; a second draft of aforementioned book; a revised edition of another book; more than a dozen short stories. On top of this list, I’ve also been helping Zoë with scripting two different comics, and am rather pleased with a couple of the scripts I gave her the ideas for. Of course, “All over the house” has yet to appear in public properly as a syndication deal is still being sought. The life of Nob T. Mouse has, however, been appearing very regularly, and I’m pretty proud of Zoë’s hard work and dedication. I like to think that in some small way I am helping her keep her productivity up.

So what of the very near future? I’m sort of in limbo around 3,000 words into another long short story (is there officially such a term?) and it has all but stopped for the moment as I take a break. I have a little editing to do, and a revised edition of “Countdown to Extinction” procedes slowly. But for now, I feel that a little bust period has appeared in my creativity. Not to worry – there’s always another week. If I can get another book well on its way before the turn of 2009 then I’ll be happy.