Is daydreaming tax deductable and other stories.

I’ve been really busy the last few days, which has rather kept me from updating this blog. However, I am at least content in the knowledge that this must mean that I have a life beyond the computer screen! All too often in this day and age is it easy to reach a point where you realise all your ‘friends’ may as well be living inside your computer for what you actually see of them. So many people have online friendships these days without ever or rarely seeing the person in question.

I’m in the development stage of writing work at the moment. That’s the bit I’m sure I mentioned a while ago on here, where a lot of time is spent staring at the ceiling and in effect daydreaming. It’s how plots and storylines are developed, and it is a legitamate enterprise for any writer to spend hours just mulling stuff over in their minds. The bigger question though is: “Is this time tax deductable?”

I’ve been travelling a lot of late. This week alone I’ve been to Enfield and back in North London twice as well as Bicester all in just three days. That’s a lot of mileage, especially as on the first trip to Enfield I drove just shy of 500 miles that night. Out on the roads I am appalled at the lack of intelligence or skill of a large number of drivers. Is it me or have standards dropped like a stone? Favourite crap driving techniques include leaving headlights on full beam and fog lights on so that it is rather like being passed by the Star ship Enterprise. I’ve taken to flashing my headlights at these prats in a hope I can dazzle them back. Or at least get them to shut down their extra lights. Middle lane hogs – these people are as low as estate agents. Driving at 50mph mile after mile hogging the middle lane oblivious to the traffic chaos their selfish incompitance causes. And finally, the tosswits who drive slowly until a vehicle pulls out to overtake. They wait until the new vehicle is alongside then speed up to avoid being overtaken. Then they slow down when the overtaking vehicle gives up. People with this level of selfish lack of driving skill really should be banned for life from driving. There are too many idiots who drive like they are the only person on the road.

I believe there should be a seperate and rigerous test to allow drivers on the motorways. I’ve been saying this for over ten years. Quite clearly so many people have no clue of how to drive safely without endangering other people around them that a seperate licence is necessary before people are allowed on the motorways. I’ve seen too many people injured by the criminal incompitance of others on Britain’s motorways.