"Madam, your personal life is showing"

I saw a heartening thing yesterday afternoon after I posted the last blog post. The little girl who normally sits alone or gets bullied was sat with two other little girls and they were all playing together. I felt somewhat relieved for her that at last she was part of the in-crowd. It would seem to me that there are a couple of dominant children in the street who want to ignore her. But the other children are rather like sheep. They will follow the dominant children until they are not there, then it becomes fine to play with the unpopular girl. It seems that psychology never changes; it was just like this when I was at school. It also is something like this in the workplace too. Of course, when people get older the dynamic changes as sometimes the bullied (like me) realise that the bullies actually have no power and we can fight back a little and even the playing field. People are still like sheep though.

I’m having a few issues with stalkers. Of course, it is true to say that you haven’t arrived in the World of media until you’ve had your first stalker, and I got my first one back in 2005. Actually, I got around three or four back then, but the court order keeps them safely away now. However I’ve found that it’s only a matter of time when you’re publishing stuff and making moves back onto radio when the stalkers climb out of their box and come out to play. I’ve had to purge a few things only after a creepy experience yesterday when some-one I don’t know came up to me and announced that he “knew all about [me]” and also told me that my favourite colour was green. Well, that is correct I suppose, but it unnerves me that you knew given there is only one interview where I admitted my favourite colour.

It teaches me that it is still unwise to allow too much of a personal nature to turn up on the ether and in print. There are certain things I have done in my past that really I don’t want to forever be the biggest talking point about me. On the other hand, I am not a prude and have no qualms about having an interesting sideline in modelling. So what if I did several shoots for lingerie and fetish pictures? I like to think that it makes me a more interesting person for the fact that I got paid a big wedge of cash to parade around Fflint castle in various Gossard basque sets and get photographed for legitamate modelling reasons. Everyone has to have a hobby, and who wouldn’t be proud that they had done professional modelling?