A rant about content specific adverts.

Some of you will have noticed that my blog has adverts on it. Well, the bills for the ISP host have to get paid somehow! They are sensitive to what is written in the blog. That means that the software running it all picks up on keywords in what I write and tailors what adverts are shown from a pool of available adverts as a result, presumably so the adverts are relevant to the people likely to be reading the blog. It just annoys me that they keep on latching on to the fact that I talk about my writing and having stuff published and decide that that means that adverts for vanity presses are somehow appropriate. Silly software. I find vanity presses the second biggest leaches in publishing. They freeload on people’s desires and use that to con people out of money. I have never been involved with a vanity publisher and never would be. I can only recomend to anyone reading this that if anyone says that you have to pay to be published then that person is trying to defraud you of money.

Rant over. Jenny will get back in her box now.