Nothing stranger than reality

Now there’s a thing! We’ve just had the Police out after a 999 call. The reason? A neighbour down the street tried to accuse us of ‘stealing’ his wheelie bin. He became abusive and violent and tried to first break into our house then our bin alley then threatened that this wasn’t going to be the last we heard of him.

Actually, we begged to differ as I do not care for abusive bullies on my doorstep. The Police were over at his house a long while and appear to have at the very least given him a stern warning over his behaviour. We’ve been advised if he tries anything else to call 999 and quote our crime reference number.

How strange and surreal the little things that some people get all worked up over. I never thought I would live to see the day that some old boy decides to go mental over a wheelie bin. The Policeman said though that he’s seen more trivial things result in 999 calls and criminal records because some-ne is an arse.

One thought on “Nothing stranger than reality

  1. I couldn’t believe what this guy was doing, but I was livid when he started hammering on the door and yelling that we were “queer bastards”.

    Where do these people get off shouting abuse at people in the street? What a prick.

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