Spending a penny

The latest short story is done. It came out of an idea that I had a few days ago about the life and times of loose change (exciting life I lead, I know). I wrote it today after doing the second draft of “The Atlantic connection” and it is just a shade under 500 words. I wasn’t so sure about it and was going to just upload it straight to the portfolio section of the official website. But Zoë really liked it, and it got me thinking that it might be worth giving it a go for publication, so I’ve dropped the idea of putting it straight to the portfolio for now and instead it has been submitted to a magazine. Fingers crossed.

“Countdown to Extinctions” revision is being done as the next project. I’m about a dozen pages into the manuscript, and surprisingly there isn’t as much work needing doing so far as I was fearing. It might be a quicker project that I thought. I have an idea for a short story about a drought, as well as one about the social realities of immigration during wartime. We’ll see which takes my fancy. In the mean time I need to come up with a few short fiction ideas to follow on from “Spending a penny”. Stuff this short is quick to write, but you have to have a very clear idea for it to work. There is no room for waffle.