A necessary evil

I’ve finished the second draft of “The Atlantic connection” after a mammoth morning of work. I feel a little achy from having sat at this computer for so long, staring at text and editing. Still, I’m glad it is done and the file has been passed across to Zoë for a final edit. I really do not enjoy editing, but it is a necessary evil.

For my next project I’m thinking of doing the short flash fiction piece “the life of a penny” which I can probably get done this evening if it all just comes together. After that I plan on doing a second edition revision on “Countdown to Extinction” as it is about time that some of my other earlier books had the niggles fixed.

Finally, some of you may have noticed the adverts on the blog section of this site. This is all down to commercialism and is nothing to fear; they won’t take over the site. They are merely a way of paying for this slice of internet ether, apparently.