Whatever happened to Dubstar?

Of course, I could check Wikipedia, for Wikipedia knows all. Sort of. However where’s the sense of mystery or fun in that? I’m listening to the limited edition double LP version of the album though nonetheless. I do rather like the second disk which is the dance remix album.

I like to listen to music whilst I work. It screens out background noises and generally sets the mood of a scene if it needs setting. Some time soon I’m planning on filming an interview which will feature footage of my little writing pad just so that people can see where I work. Author’s lairs are sometimes quite interesting to me, so I thought via the magic of Youtube I might share a little view on my tiny corner of creativity.

Usually the computer plays the tunes these days. It is often easier that way to put on something and let it play. There is a CD player, but I have discovered the same piece of software that plays *.mp3 files can also play a CD in the DVD drive, and as the computer was already on it seemed sensible. There is a turntable too, and at times like now I clear the paperwork off the lid (it makes such a handy temporary filing system) and drag the needle in the groove.

I think I have talked at length before about music as inspiration, so I’ll shut up about that. I just felt a need to boast that I’d been playing LPs today. It must be the only format that watching it play is interesting. There’s something uniquely aesthetic about watching a stylus drag in the groove as the twelve inch plastic circle spins.

Editing goes well, and I’m well over half way. I’m hoping that by the end of tomorrow, if nothing crops up that needs my attention, I shall be able to pass it across to my editor for her to cast her critical eye over it. I must admit that I’m warily pleased that it seems to be needing only a small amount of occasionally minor tweaking as I’m going through it. Of course, it could just be that I am blind to grammer and spelling and actually there’s tons of things wrong with it. But we can live in hope.

Once the book is done I’m not sure what I want to do next. I have a few ideas at the back of my mind which I talked about before, but I’m not sure exactly which one I fancy using. I did have an idea for a very short flash fiction piece about the life of a penny, and I might see what I could do with that. We’ll see.