Flash fictional attempts

I had a few spare moments to idle through before grabbing a bite to eat and then off to work. I was sent a recomendation to submit to a magazine that was looking for under 1,000 word flash fiction in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Now, flash fiction is something that I have usually considered a little too short for my liking, but I’ve given it a go and submitted a short 640 word sci-fi piece. I’ll wait and see if they like it or not, so fingers crossed.

Flash fiction is an interesting length to write. You don’t have much room for development, so the story has to be particularly tight and to the point. I think I’ve managed to achieve that nicely. We’ll see what happens.

All in all, quite a productive day I feel. Now for the mundane day (or should that be night?) job that helps pay the bills three nights a week. Well, it gets me away from the keyboard for a bit and out of the house.