The opening post

I probably ought to add here a note about the new website. It’s grown quite quickly from a germ of an idea that I had a while ago. Every good Author (and most other people these days too) has a website and it’s sort of expected now to have a web presence to advertise yourself. Given that I’m hoping to have another book out by the end of the Summer, I thought I should get myself on the bandwagon. It took a while, but in a fit of productivity the website has appeared and evolved over around a week. I’m really happy with the results.

I’ve already had feedback on the site and it seems the photograph section has caught some people’s eyes. I suppose I should mention what they all are. The first gallery is (slightly obviously perhaps) pictures of me. These come from several different photo sessions, mostly from the ones done for the ‘Syndicate Dawn’ cover. I’ve tried to use some of my favourites, including several that were never used on the artwork. I particularly like Uniformity with me in the WRAC uniform. The more I look at it, the more I realise I should trot off to an expensive boutique and buy myself a proper tailored skirt suit, because they work wonders on the figure!

The second gallery is a selection of pictures from an image library that I created back in the late 1990s, and added to a little through until around 2001/2. I like these and they give a mood I like to the site. Some have been used before, such asLocomotion, but others are in public for the first time.

The third gallery is Photoshopped artwork. Originally my books appeared with weird organic looking artwork on the covers. Both Homo Superior and used Countdown to Extinction used bloom in their covers. The other images are alternative covers that weren’t used at the time. Re-releases of these two books will no doubt have new covers to match the much better ones being done for the new books, but for now I’m leaving them be.

The Biography section is, as you will have gathered, complete rubbish. Zoë wrote it after I vetoed the first purely factual Bio, but didn’t get around to writing a replacement. I’ll probably get it changed in time, but for the moment I rather like the idea of all those Ninjas chanting then me appearing!

This blog is supposed to be a regular feature. It probably won’t be, because mostly I’m busy, but also partly because my life isn’t really interesting all of the time.