Jenny relaxingIn the dark and scary places where those who know better fear to tread, and those who know little don’t realise its existence. Forged in the ethereal glow of the monitor, and hammered on the ancient keys of the Great Board. In the eternal, electronic chatter of the modern world lurks Jennifer Kirk. This is her website.

Welcome. Please browse.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Jennifer I have just seen your video. On YouTube about the mindless theft and damage to your lovely layout and wondered if you would mind sending me a list of stolen items to put on the various model rail forums I use maybe the scummy little tea leaves will try selling on said forums and will be caught out. Once again sorry for your loss

    All the very best

    david Chamberlain

  2. Hi Jennifer.

    You’re a truly wonderfull lady and a truly wondefull modeller !

    MUST see more of your work on the forum.


    Allan Downes.

  3. Hi there Jenny, ur a very funny person lol, and a huge fan of ur train set and the work u have done, horrified when I saw the damage video and hope all is well and ur getting back to normal, I’ve started my first train set and hope one day it will look nice as urs 🙂 drop me a email if u like to chat and also would would love some advice I have on building a model railway, thanks for ur time.

    All the best john

  4. Hi, Jennifer, my commiserations on the burglaries and vandalism you suffered by some of the world’s lowlife. Very nasty little characters. I’ve been casually browsing the net looking for model railway stuff for sale that matches what’s on your list of stolen items and quickly found a Hornby Dublo City of London, maroon, without tender for sale on gumtree, £120, in Brixton Hill, London. Probably legit, but that anywhere near you? I’ll take another look to see what else I can find.


  5. Hi Jennifer, great video on wiring points…I’m still confused as I’m not really very good at electrics. I have been building a large layout for some time now and have adapted an ex-Hornby layout to my onn design to suit the room, ( loved model trains since a child and have been collecting ever since ). I’m now geeting to the stage where I want to automate the points etc but I’m worried about mucking it up ! I’m going to take your advice and browse through utube to pick up some more tips from you….I wished you lived around the corner !! Take great care and well done again for such a good an informative video, best wishes Nikki Jones ( Miss ).

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